The Menu

Little Cottage Cakes specialise in offering a variety of cake flavours for you to choose from.  Here is a selection, however if you don’t see what you fancy please let us know and I’m sure we can accommodate it.

  • Vanilla sponge, raspberry conserve filling, vanilla buttercream topping.
  • Chocolate sponge topped with chocolate buttercream.
  • Chocolate sponge topped with chocolate orange-buttercream, or mint-chocolate buttercream
  • Black Forest style – chocolate sponge, filled with black cherry conserve, topped with vanilla buttercream.
  • Tiramisu style – coffee sponge, doused with coffee syrup and topped with vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with chocolate shavings.
  • Lemon drizzle – lemon sponge, drizzled with lemon syrup and topped with lemon buttercream.
  • Ginger sponge topped with a cinnamon buttercream.
  • Red Velvet sponge, topped with an orange flavoured buttercream.
  • Lemon & Blueberry – lemon sponge with fresh blueberries cooked within, topped with a lemon buttercream.
  • Lemon & Raspberry – lemon sponge with fresh raspberries cooked within, topped with a lemon buttercream.
  • Sticky Toffee – sticky toffee pudding style sponge with a caramel frosting.
  • Strawberry & Champagne – a champagne infused sponge, filled with Strawberry & Champagne conserve, topped with champagne frosting.
  • Carrot & Walnut – light carrot cake base with a lemon frosting.
  • Gingerbread Latte – ginger sponge with whipped coffee frosting.
  • Mince Pie Cupcakes – vanilla sponge, filled with mincemeat and topped with an almond frosting.

  • Tiramisu – coffee sponge, doused with a brandy syrup and a vanilla mascarpone frosting.
  • Irish or Italian Coffee – coffee sponge, doused with Whisky, Brandy or Amaretto liqueur, and liqueur flavoured frosting.
  • Baileys – chocolate and Baileys sponge, with a Baileys frosting.
  • Mojito – vanilla sponge doused with a white rum and mint syrup, topped with a rum flavoured frosting and sprinkled with mint sugar.
  • Pina Colada – vanilla sponge with fresh pineapple pieces, topped with rum and coconut flavoured buttercream.
  • Pimms – vanilla sponge with fresh strawberry pieces, topped with Pimms flavoured buttercream.

  • Vanilla – moist vanilla sponge with layers of raspberry conserve and vanilla buttercream.
  • Chocolate – moist chocolate sponge with layers of delicious chocolate buttercream (or chocolate-orange or chocolate-mint buttercream).
  • Lemon - lovely lemony sponge with a filling of lemon curd and lemon buttercream.
  • Almond & Cherry - layers of almond flavoured sponge filled with almond buttercream and morello cherry preserve - a taste of Bakewell. 
  • Carrot Cake – a light carrot cake with nuts, layered with a filling of orange-flavoured buttercream.
  • Lemon & Raspberry – layers of tangy lemon sponge, with fresh raspberries baked in, layered with a lemon buttercream filling.
  • Lemon & Blueberry – layers of tangy lemon sponge, with fresh blueberries baked in, layered with a lemon buttercream filling.
  • Ginger – layers of ginger sponge cake interspersed with cinnamon flavoured buttercream.
  • Cappuccino– layers of lightly coffee flavoured sponge, drizzled with coffee syrup and layered with light coffee flavour buttercream.
  • Blackforest – layers of chocolate flavoured sponge, layered with black cherry conserve and vanilla buttercream.
  • Banana – layers of moist banana cake, interspersed with lemon buttercream.
  • Salted Caramel - caramel flavoured sponge, with salted caramel sauce and salted caramel buttercream fillings.
  • Red Velvet - a beautifully moist red velvet sponge filled with vanilla buttercream.
  • Pina Colada - coconut sponge, filled with pineapple preserve and Malibu buttercream.
These flavours/texture sponges are suitable for multi-tiered cakes.  I can offer some other flavour cakes but these are not necessarily suitable for a tiered cake.